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Boost your teams morale! Bring them together with our Team building events. Research demonstrates that the incorporation of fun in the learning process fosters unity and a better working culture – vital in a competitive market. We will help create cohesion with your company/team with our comprehensive team building solutions through a broad range of physical and mental activities along with our professionally designed educational material (If necessary). We guarantee that the skills of all team members are used and offer indoor and outdoor activities large or small.

We can facilitate day, evening, night! Whether you’re looking for a 1 hour event or all day event just get in touch and we can talk you through what events we can recommend to suit your team.

We can choose the venue from some of our partnered hotels in Cork or we can come to your venue. All events are fully mobile. Please fill out our contact form to request some more information. We create each of our teambuilding events to your needs to help maximise your teams potential. 

Below are some events we have to offer!


Active Events

Work together as a team to solve a series of interactive challenges that will test a wide array of skills and abilities within your group. This team-building activity is designed to provoke self-analysis within your group.


Can your team find the trail of clues in time? Which team will be the fastest. teams need to search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues. The team that works together will win. Our treasure hunt brings your team from location to location all around the city.


You and your team take on the role of crime scene investigators. working together each team needs to dust and analyse fingerprints, Check the scene for clues. Does your team have what it takes to piece the crime together? The fastest team wins.


Your mission if you choose to accept it is to save a hostage or stop a major data breach. This activity will take you from location to location all around Cork city, interacting with actors! Can your team work together to solve the case?

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Health & Wellbeing

Boosts your heart health. You not only get aerobic benefits, but you also get anaerobic benefits. Helps you and the office de-stress for work


Arts & Crafts releases dopamine, it boosts drive, focus, and concentration, which provides a sense of accomplishment. Art boosts one’s memory. It’s the perfect fit to take your mind off work.


While you enjoy your favourite beverage. One of our expert artists will lead each session with step-by-step instructions & plenty of room for your personalised touches. No experience is required!


80% of employees feel that team building activities have a positive impact on their overall job satisfaction.

Fun Evening Events

Experience the excitement of Las Vegas in Cork or beyond, without the long-haul flight! A Casino night is a perfect entertainment option to break the ice at events.


We’ll bring all the exuberance of a “Day at the Races” to your site! When the event begins, each participant receives fun money and may gamble either individually or in teams. The winning team is selected by having the most fun money throughout the game; rewards are presented to the teams with the highest score! Our fun staff will have your guests immersed into our race night!


There’s been a Murder! Can your team work together to solve a fictitious murder that occurs during your party… By the end of the party, you and your team will try to guess who did it, how they did it, and why they did it.


This is the ultimate quiz! Contestants are tested on their mental ability and physical skill, all while trying to score points. Do your employees have what it takes?


Our Building Blocks

Easy as A B C

We work with you! We understand each team’s dynamics are different. therefore each teambuilding activity we do is different, set around your needs as a team. This helps optimise your fun team-building activity with us.


Building your team’s trust by spending time together from coming back from covid or working together for the first time. Team Building allows your team to be more than a group of departments or department heads, they become human. When your team trusts they will be more willing to work together, let go of control, and even forgive and move on.


Creating a fun work atmosphere may help your staff become less stressed, more productive, creative, and engaged. Employers can benefit from improved communication, Fostered collaboration and Improved motivation by creating a fun working environment.


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